My Favorite Dark (Liquid) Lipsticks

Lisa Schnatz Liquid Lipsticks

After I have worn my black liquid lipstick for the first time in the last outfit post, some of you have asked me whether it is one of the Kylie Lip Kits or not. Unfortunately, it’s not. Although why, unfortunately? Of course, Kylie is cool and the Lip Kits are also high-quality, but there are definitively more Liquid Lipsticks which are more affordable first and secondly easier to get.

Lime Crime is in the case definitively my favorite brand, because the colour choice is gigantic and has more than the typical standard colours. The Velvetines dry really quick  and matte what is the always most important for me, and, moreover, are not overcharged. By the way, at the moment many colours, like the black one, are on sale.

The lipstick, I have never really worn here on the blog, is probably Instigator by MAC. A really nice dark mauve colour, with a matt finish. I wear it way too seldom because I probably have no suitable lip liner right now.

My next favorite is already in my collection for a very long time and i don’t want to miss it anymore . I think the soft matte lip creams by NYX are really great. They are not really expensive, provided that you can order them from Douglas or Amazon, their online shop is not working here in Germany. I cannot wait for NYX to finally enter the drugstores in august. Transylvania is, by the way, a very difficult colour which becomes quickly blotchy if you don’t know how one apply it right. I need two layers which make the color become even darker of course.

Berry Much by Maybelline is the colour which I wear very often at the moment, for example, in this post. I love the color and the maintaining effect of the lipstick, even if he dries as the only one in this post not matte. The only bad thing about it is that I always have to pay attention that the color doesn’t smear on the way from home up to the location.

Last, but not least is Diva also by Mac. In the beginning I really regretted the purchase because it wasn’t matte on my lips at all. I don’t know whether it’s just a problem with my product or not, because, actually, the finish should be matt. However, meanwhile this has changed in a wondrous manner and it dries relatively matte now, so I can live with it. I think Diva is one of the most popular Mac lipsticks and I really comprehend it.

Lisa Schnatz dunkle lippenstifte / liquid lipsticks

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