The Perfect Mascara – I Tested 18 Mascaras In 18 Days

Who doesn’t know, the everlasting search for the perfect mascara. It all started for me, when I was approx. 12 years old and got in touch with mascara from my mum, for the first time. Since that, I think eyelashes are the most important when it comes to make-up. Some years ago I already found my holy Grail, unfortunately, this product is no longer in the assortment. Since that my search went on. However, why should I collect my experiences only for myself when I have a blog and can share it with you? In this post I’ll show you 18 different mascaras in the comparison.

Before I go really into the topic, you should know that my lashes are quite long naturally, so I think it should be easy for a great mascara to bring my lashes in the perfect shape. Nevertheless, I am always very critical with mascaras, when they don’t fulfill my expectations. Moreover, I am definitively rather the elastic brush type, because such brushes give me more definition and length. However, for the test I have tried to test as many different brushes and brands as possible. Here you see the results:

mascara vergleich wimperntusche


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At first sight, it’s hard to see a big difference, but on the second. Which result do you like best? I just took some time and looked at the picture for about five minutes, to decide wich number is my favorite. To be true, I was unable to decide for only one mascara, because I really like No. 3, 5 and 15. Two of these I bought only for the test and especially for No. 5 i had really high expectations because of the special brush and high price. My present standard mascara was, by the way, No. 7 which also did a good job in this test, but I think it will be replaced now.


18 Mascaras – Close Up


miss hippie

1. L’Oreal Miss Hippie


I have bought this mascara specially for this test, probably because some of my favorite bloggers advertised for it. The mascara promises the festival eyelash look and mega volume. I think it keeps the promise, even if the eyelashes look a little bit disorderly. Not my favourite mascara, but no bad buy.




2. Alverde Maximize Volume Lashes


I had no expectations, but still I was really disappointed about the results of this mascara. Unfortunately, this mascara does not persuade me at all, because it gives me neither volume, nor length still something, also not with two or three layers. My eyelashes simply do not look pretty or healthy.
the falsies


3. Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama


About this mascara I have already heard the most different opinions.I really fell in love with this one, definitely one of my favorites. The application is not quite easy though, because the mascara is very creamy and gives off a lot of product. Hence, you must pay attention that nothing smudges. A mascara you need to learn to handle and maybe you won’t get the perfect result when you use this one for the first time. 



4. Giorgio Armani Black Ecstasy


Ignore my red skin please, that wasn’t caused be the mascara . Nevertheless, I am also not very impressed by this mascara, particularly not for the price. The result is okay but it took some time and layers. Moreover, it’s not really long lasting or gives great length.



5. Sisley So Intense 


Another favorite mascara in this comparison, but also the mascara I expected the most. The brush is very innovative and works like a miracle. The consistency is perfect and dries neither too fast nor too slowly. The perfect result, nice defined and voluminous eyelashes, are reached with only one layer. Thumbs up!


doll eyes


6. Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes


The mascaras of Lancôme really disappoint me. The result is quite average, but I react really allergic to the formula. Both mascaras of Lancôme I tested are really strong perfumed, wich is quite unpleasant.






7. Essence Maximum Definition


As on top already mentioned my previous standard mascara, nevertheless, I was never  100% satisfied, otherwise there would be no live test. Nevertheless, this mascara does a good job and reaches, with the plastic brush, even the eyelashes in the corners of the eye. But in the comparison, there are definitively better mascaras. Also, Essence never was the brand with I can identify.

astor stimulong



8. Astor Stimulong


I have used this mascara already before the test every now and then, as a base before another mascara. The mascara is very creamy and can be distributed with the help of the plastic brush very well. Though this mascara not able to stand the pace with other mascaras regarding to length and volume.



9. p2 High Impact Length + Lift


I admit, that I only bought this mascara to compare it with the They’re Real mascara by benefit. As you can see, the brushes are very similar, but this one is much cheaper. With this mascara you maybe need one to two layers, but the result is amazing. I can really recommend this mascara for those who like the benefit mascara, in my opinion this one is even better.




10. Maybelline Great Lash


This mascara is meanwhile a real classic and it feels like almost everybody tried this one out . I think it looks rather insignificant and I never excepted a result that good. However, it bothers me that it dries out fast and has a really short applicator.




11.  Manhattan Ultimate Boosting


On the one hand I would call this mascara the worst in this comparison, Lancôme locked out. On the other hand, you achieve a really natural finish. The eyelashes do not stick together at all, and the lashes won’t be stretched. I would say this mascara perfect for the no make-up look.


volume a porter



12. Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-à-porter


I do not know at all what I should say. Lancôme is, actually, famously for the best mascaras on the market. Maybe they just don’t work for me. Also this variation is really strong perfumed and my eyes start to itch as sonn as I apply it. But also apart from my allergy, I don’t think that this mascara is worth the hype.




13. Smashbox X-Rated



Also from this mascara I expected more, because I always think that brushes like this loose a lot of product on your lashes. This doesn’t happen with this mascara and all in all it gives you a more natural finish. A really good thing is that it gives a lot of volume. In the picture I wear, by the way, three layers.


false lash sculpt



14. L’Oreal False Lash Sculpt


I have bought this mascara, only because the brush looked very interesting. It seemed very similar the the Sisley mascara but can’t leave such an effect on my lashes. Still, I would recommend this mascara if you don’t want to spend that much money or just want try a brush like that. All in all the mascara is still a good one but not in my top three.



15. Catrice Glamour Doll Waterproof


The Glamour Doll (or also Glam&Doll) mascara by Catrice is already very famous on the internet. It’s important to choose the blue, waterproof, version. The mascara is and remains wonderful, the swing lasts the whole day and the eyelashes look really long and full. This mascara is very dependable and I choose it always then when the result has to be perfect.





16. Benefit They’re real


The They’re Real mascara by benefit is known to be a very good one. In my opinion, the result is okay but not that special. The formula dries very quick and makes my lashes look a little crumbly and messy. I think after all it’s not worth the money and there a good drugstore alternatives like the Catrice and p2 one.


urbn decay


17. Urban Decay Perversion


I am a big Urban Decay fan, but not of this mascara. Exactly as with the Smashbox mascara I would have simply expected that the brush gives off more product and wraps up the eyelashes nicely. However, with the result I am not contented, the eyelashes look very leaky and also not that long as they could.





18. Chanel Le Volume


This mascara is not the best I ever tested, but the result is still very nice, like I expect from a Chanel mascara. Even if I am no fan of those brushes, it sculpts the lashes really easy and leaves a pretty finish. Nevertheless, the brush is too big for my long lashes, so I always touch my eyelid with it.



Now what is now my conclusion. I would say that my opinion has been confirmed regarding to the elastic plastic brushes. Altogether I have achieved the best results with that. Another thing that is really clear to me now, is that high end mascaras are not better than drugstore ones. Also you can often find counterparts of high end products at the drugstore, for example belongs Lancôme to L’Oreal, so they often have similar formulas or brushes.

For the moment I have found 3 perfect mascaras (Maybelline The Falsies, Sisley So Intense, Catrice Glamour Doll) that really worker me and with which I will probably buy again. Even if the Sisley mascara might be a little to expensive to wear it daily. Apart from that fact, I don’t think that I have to buy a new mascara for the next five years.

I hope this article was helpful for you and that you liked my not so little comparison. Feel free to leave me your opinion and maybe your personal favorite mascara in the comment section. By the way, I got my inspiration for this post by the lovely Masha, when she did a similar post about mascara last year, you can find her post here.


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  • Mia

    geiler Post und du hast echt wahnsinnig tolle Wimpern, ich bin ganz neidisch! mir gefällt nr. 10 sehr gut, werde ich mir vielleicht mal genauer angucken!

    Liebe Grüße

    18/07/2016 at 14:34 Reply
  • Louisa

    Für mich wird es nie wieder etwas anderes als Chanel Mascara geben, einfach die Besten überhaupt. Die von Sisley sieht aber auch interessant aus, vielleicht probiere ich die mal wenn meine Dimensions de Chanel leer ist.

    18/07/2016 at 15:23 Reply
  • Cora Lohse.

    1,6 und 15 hätte ich jetzt auf den ersten blick genommen. Meine Mascara ist leider nicht dabei, die Lash Sensational von Maybelline, diese rosane. Vielleicht könnte die dir auch gefallen ;)

    18/07/2016 at 15:47 Reply
  • Beate Wiethaus

    Dr.Hauschka find ich persönlich super, da dort keine Silikone und Parabene verwendet werden, und da ich richtig blaue Augen habe, verwende ich die violette Variante, aber auch Anthrazit finde ich sehr schön, die pflegende Konsistenz macht es wett, dass dieser Mascara leider nicht wasserfest ist! LG,Beate

    22/07/2016 at 14:41 Reply
  • Elif DeReli

    Ich persönlich habe lange, aber keine dichte Wimpern. Mir fiel es schwer die passende Mascara zu finden.
    Nach hin und her habe ich endlich meine Mascara gefunden und zwar die Pure Definition Mascara von H&M.
    Meine Wimpern behalten ihren Schwung schön und “sacken” sozusagen nicht runter.

    Liebe Grüße

    27/07/2016 at 12:38 Reply
  • Romina

    Der Post ist zwar älter, aber richtig klasse gemacht. Finde es super einen Überblick über so viele Wimpertuschen gleichzeitig zu bekommen.

    16/10/2018 at 9:51 Reply

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