September Flashback

I think this ist actually the first outfit I ever shooted in Hamburg since we moved here. As you can see, it was a while ago when you were able to go outside with a light leatherjacket only. But somehow I didn’t manage to keep you updated here on the blog and thats why you get to see the pictures just now. 

Since we last talked big things happened in my life. I had some big struggles with my car and also did a little weekend trip but most important I’m finally a college student. Yeah actually I can’t believe that I arrived at this chapter in my live. Maybe you know that I was waiting for this for so long. 

By the way I started to write in english again and I hope you appreciate that. I would also love to change my website into French or Spanish but I suck at the first and never learned the second. So maybe there ist someone outside who could so that for me?