The Perfect Mascara – I Tested 18 Mascaras In 18 Days

Who doesn’t know, the everlasting search for the perfect mascara. It all started for me, when I was approx. 12 years old and got in touch with mascara from my mum, for the first time. Since that, I think eyelashes are the most important when it comes to make-up. Some years ago I already found my holy Grail, unfortunately, this product is no longer in the assortment. Since that my search went on. However, why should I collect my experiences only for myself when I have a blog and can share it with you? In this post I’ll show you 18 different mascaras in the comparison.

My Favorite Dark (Liquid) Lipsticks

Lisa Schnatz Liquid Lipsticks

After I have worn my black liquid lipstick for the first time in the last outfit post, some of you have asked me whether it is one of the Kylie Lip Kits or not. Unfortunately, it’s not. Although why, unfortunately? Of course, Kylie is cool and the Lip Kits are also high-quality, but there are definitively more Liquid Lipsticks which are more affordable first and secondly easier to get.

Better Skin With Bioderma


As you maybe know, I belong to the category of people who likes, apart from shootings, less make up. Most of the time I wear nothing at all. For shootings lipsticks und co. are a must have but also there I never wear foundation (what is also due to the fact, that I still have not found one that fits me perfectly). To live without foundation is great, however, it’s only possible if the skin is nearly perfect. Especially now in summer this becomes a little struggle for me, because my face reacts extremely to pollen and grass. Summertime is also an allergy time. But especially now, when the weather is really warm I don’t want to go for a full coverage make up.

So for it only helped to try out every skin care product at the stores until I had found the perfect products for my skin. On top of that comes that my skin is not only dry, is but also extremely sensitive and also reacts to many cosmetics allergically, particularly odoriferous substances are a no go. Since some weeks I use the allergy set of Bioderma, formerly I did not even know something like that exists. The set includes the Sensibio Tolerance + facial care which contains neither odoriferous substances nor preservatives still parabene. It calms the skin and assists against redness and itch. In addition, the care maintenance strengthens the barrier functions of the skin and supplies this with enough moisture. Moreover, I think, it’s also perfect as a make-up base, if I wear, something though. The second product in the set is the Sensibio Eau dermatologique, a dermatological spray which donates, in addition, moisture and also works against redness from also ocular irritations. In the set the travel size is included so you can carry it in your bag and use it when you need it.

Also apart from this set, I have integrated the products of Bioderma meanwhile completely into my facial care. In the morning and evening I use the Sensibio gel moussant, a mild cleansing gel and also make-up remotely. In spite of the cleaning effect, it does not dry up the skin and calms it rather, even if it doesn’t smell that good. Also really good for the facial cleaning is the Solution Micellaire which you probably already know right? I am really enthusiastically of it how easy it decreases eye-make-up. Moreover, I still use Sensibio Eye, the eyecare which helps with a cooling effect against dark shades and swells.

Well sounds like a lot of chaos and a lot of products at the beginning, even when you’re not used to have a skin care routine, and I had to get used to it the first weeks. But when I have noticed that it really works out, all that became really easy for me. Do you already have experiences with the products of Bioderma?

in cooperation with Bioderma