Home Update: Clothing Rail By Ziito

ziito clothing rail

Like you know, I had to move to a new home lately and that was the cause for a huge problem. Where can I put all my clothing? Our new hose has a big built-in wardrobe in the bedroom, but it’s not as big as the one I had back in my old home and I also have to share it with the clothing of my boyfriend now. So I had a problem but I found the perfect solution. 

Or rather said the perfect solution found me. I was very pleased when the danish furniture manufacturer reached out for a collaboration with me. Clothing rails with some kind of industrial style and wood boards for extra storage space. From the huge range of rails I decided to take a rail that is 100 centimeters wide with a low wooden board for shoes. Next to the functionality of this rail, it’s also a star when it comes to decorations (I finally found a place where I can put my light string). 

By the way, Ziito is a really cool brand with a focus on sustainability. Their style is minimalistic and nordic with the use of high quality materials. They use Pinewood for their wooden boards, since this one grows local and faster than oak or beech. But the biggest plus is that all their designs are produced handmade. As you can see there is a lot of love in their products, wich are supposed to strengthen circular economy. That’s why you can always return everything to them and they are happy to make new products out of the waste (but despite of that, you get 10 years of guaranty so you probably won’t have waste).