September Flashback

I think this ist actually the first outfit I ever shooted in Hamburg since we moved here. As you can see, it was a while ago when you were able to go outside with a light leatherjacket only. But somehow I didn’t manage to keep you updated here on the blog and thats why you get to see the pictures just now. 

Since we last talked big things happened in my life. I had some big struggles with my car and also did a little weekend trip but most important I’m finally a college student. Yeah actually I can’t believe that I arrived at this chapter in my live. Maybe you know that I was waiting for this for so long. 

By the way I started to write in english again and I hope you appreciate that. I would also love to change my website into French or Spanish but I suck at the first and never learned the second. So maybe there ist someone outside who could so that for me? 

New Sunglasses

lisa schnatz / Prada Sonnenbrille / Hamburg / modeblog

I’m wearing Prada PR05TS 1AB1A1*

When it comes to fashion there ist at least one thing that ist extremely important to me. A pair of nice sunglasses. Its not all about the stylish fact but more about the health care for your eyes. Did you know that cheap sunglasses or fake designer sunglasses can really harm your eyes? Since I have really sun sensitive eyes I always go for sunglasses with a high protection level even on these November days when you think the sun it not that strong. But even when you don’t feel the heat of the sun the UV rays are still there and they are as strong as in summer.

So from today on you will see me wearing my new Prada sunglasses I got via optimal optic *. The store has a huge variety of different brands like Pomellato, Gucci and Dior. You can find sunglasses and also glasses in every different style and shape. You can find the one I am wearing trough the link above!

*in cooperation with optimal optic