Life Goes On

Lately it was rather quiet here on the blog, unfortunately I have no more photos in reserve which I can show you if I do not have time shoot new outfits. However, my real lifewas anything but dull, because I started a new job on Monday. That’s why the blog steps now to the second place and I think it will be really hard to upload like I did before. But when new weekly rhythm has warmed up for the first, I will fight to upload at least twice a week.

The biggest change with the start of my new job is the time I have to stand up now. Around ten before five my alarm clock rings since newest, a time at which I would still slumber peacefully. But it’s not that hard if you go to the work with pleasure, what I do definitively do. Moreover, I have a lot of free time in the afternoons, to manage my blog for example. Even if I was dog-tired the last week and didn’t manage to do anything apart from lying in my bed.

For these photos I have completely forgotten, to apply mascara or fake lashes, although lashes are the most important part of my make-up routine, but my brain was totally wasted. However, I have to admit that I really like the look with more natural lashes. Also I had no time to do my hair, but at the moment I try this new thing with my hair to achieve a nice undone effect.

I have bought the dress, by the way, for only 7€, unfortunately, I cannot find it online at Pull&Bear any more, but I’ll give you two alternatives. I was looking for a blue jeans skirt since forever and I’m happy to own a grey one now.

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Dress – Pull&Bear, similar here or here

Shoes – Dr. Martens

Bag – have2have

Choker – Amazon

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My Everyday Beach Look

beach look - Lisa Schnatz

Today, finally, I show you the first pictures from Barcelona. To be honest with you, I don’t had a lot of motivation to write the post during the vacation so right now I’m already back at home. Also I don’t really had motivation to shoot because of the heat. However, this was clear to me before our vacation, so I didn’t even plan my outfits which was a a cool alternative to my normal rountine. By the way an empty bag means that you can shop even harder, what i just did.

I have worn this look which I show you today with pleasure on the way from the hotel to the beach. The dress is simply a typical dress to throw over if you don’t like to go the way only in the bikini or bathing suit. I’m also wearing my beloved beach bag which lies now, unfortunately, broken in the garbage can, meh.

By the way, if you’re wondering why there were no pictures from Barcelona, it’s because I focused on filming a video for you. Nut of course it takes a bit longer to cut and edit the video.

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Dress – Abercrombie, old

Bag – similar here or here

Sunnies – & other stories, old

Sandals – Birkenstock