The Perfect Sunday On A Saturday

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Today is Saturday. A rainy Saturday. What to do on a day like this? I had to cancel all my plans for today, like learning roller blading and catch Pokemon. Yes, I bought myself some Inliners last week and I never thought that it would be so hard for me to skate on them. Why is everything so easy, when you are a kid? Instead I’m lying in my bed with my favorite tea next to me and my cat sleeping on my legs. Incidentally, he just came into the house a few minutes ago from his morning play in the garden and is wet all over. Today just feels like the perfect Sunday on a Saturday.

By the way this outfit is once again a real favorite of mine. I wear the boots a lot lately, because they nearly fit to every outfit whether it’s a jeans, dress or a skirt, today they add a little bohemian feeling to the look. First I had a tiny complex to put the top on because I was unsure about my light hair in the mixture with a white top, I thought it would look weird, because of the missing contrast. But now I’m very glad I tried it, because I think it looks so much better than one year ago when i had my hair in a very yellow color. The top is one of the best choices in summer, even if it has long sleeves, but I really felt air-conditioned the whole day because of the high amount of cotton.


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Blouse – H&M

Skirt – Zara (on sale)

Bag – have2have, old

Shoes – Dr. Martens





The Perfect Mascara – I Tested 18 Mascaras In 18 Days

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Who doesn’t know, the everlasting search for the perfect mascara. It all started for me, when I was approx. 12 years old and got in touch with mascara from my mum, for the first time. Since that, I think eyelashes are the most important when it comes to make-up. Some years ago I already found my holy Grail, unfortunately, this product is no longer in the assortment. Since that my search went on. However, why should I collect my experiences only for myself when I have a blog and can share it with you? In this post I’ll show you 18 different mascaras in the comparison.

Three It-Pieces One Outfit

midiskirt and cold shoulder top - Lisa Schnatz

Oh I love it, when I accidentally upload a post with only pictures but no text.What could be more professional that a half-finished post? Irony off. Today i would like to talk about something else, because like you probably know I got a new camera + objective last week. So I did at least 5 photo shootings this week to try the cam and today you’ll se the first results! By the way I feel like everyone is outside for pokemon go and I’m just leaving the house for shootings.

Olympus Pen is the name of my new baby, I swear, this cam is a real beauty queen. I won’t tell you a lot about it yet, because I have a special post about the right blogger equipment for you soon. An outfit post stands and falls, as everybody knows, with the camera, or better said to the objective. This fdetermines decisively how the picture turns out. By the way, I still think it’s quite difficult to find the perfect camera because of all those words I don’t understand, especially that’s why I’m so glad to hold the perfect camera in my hands now.

Let’s talk about the outfit. Jeans skirts are definitely back since spring and i absolutely love them. Recently I discovered this one at Zara and it was love at first sight. Although I think the cut really nice, it is my first skirt like this, I always thought that pencil skirts won’t fit me at all. The bag is, by the way, also from Zara and I think it’s really cute but classy, particularly the detailed chain got me.

By the way, not only jeans skirts are a big thing in the fashion world right now, also strapless tops, dresses or jumpsuits. The stores are full with thus and I can’t complain. Cold Shoulder upper tops look always good and fit probably to everybody. Anyhow I think it’s somehow very ironic that I wear two trends, actually, three if the white chunky heels which were a big thing two years ago count, even if I’m always the one that talks bad about it pieces. But you know, it is always cool if the trends match to your personal style, nevertheless, you shouldn’t be directed by what the brands tell you to wear. This will also remain my motto.

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Top – H&M

Skirt – Zara

Bag – Zara

Shoes – Justfab, old


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